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Watch Out! FHP is Cracking Down on Seatbelts and Drunk Drivers

With spring break here and an increasing number of cars on the road, the Florida Highway Patrol is increasing enforcement on seatbelts and impaired driving.

In the next coming weeks, the Florida Highway Patrol is i ncreasing its enforcement on drivers not wearing a seatbelt . “There are no excuses for not wearing your seatbelt because that seat belt is the simplest apparatus in that car that will keep you in your driver’s seat and allow that airbag to deploy and you benefit from it,” said Lt. Gregory S. Bueno from the Florida Highway Patrol Public Affairs Division.

Every year the Florida Highway Patrol joins the national campaign Click it or Ticket to bring awareness of the importance of wearing a seatbelt. In a press release, FHP says that 600 deaths in 2017 could be attributed to drivers in crashes not wearing seat belts. Florida law requires that all drivers and passengers in any motorized vehicle to wear a seat belt.

In the coming weeks, our area will also see an increasing number of spring breakers trying to escape the cold weather and studying. With the campaign Arrive Alive, Don’t Drink and Drive authorities are tackling down on drivers who get behind the wheel of a car drunk. According to the FHP, more than 15 crashes a day in March involved drivers who had alcohol levels above the legal limit.

“You could make good choices 364 days a year, and it only takes that one night where maybe you go to a party you consume alcohol, and you make a poor decision, and you get behind a wheel of a car and drive impaired.”, Lt. Gregory S. Bueno.

FHP recommends that if you are going to drink to plan ahead. Find alternatives to getting to your destination and to never let someone drive a vehicle inebriate.