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Watch Out! Beware Wandering Wind Shield Repairmen

Reports of windshield repair salesman could be trying to steal your identity

You need a car to get around in South West Florida. And that means you need a safe windshield. But some people posted on social media they were approached by people trying to get their insurance information for a free windshield repair.

“Some people go door to door unsolicited, some people parking lot to parking lot unsolicited. If it’s unsolicited, it’s usually a red flag,” said Miram Dotson.

Dotson works in the crime prevention unit of the Lee County Sheriffs office. She says sometimes when you’re approached in person it can be hard to listen to your instincts.

“It’s amazing how having an encounter with a person, face to face, it’s harder to say no.”

But if you don’t say no, all a person needs is your full name and date of birth to steal your identity. That’s it!

So if you’re not sure, don’t jump into anything and don’t give out personal information.

“If you do feel like oh they seem legit, say no. Take their card, take their information. Look them up yourself, take the time and say, ‘I’ll call you back’ if it is something you’re interested in. And be aware that you don’t have to say yes to everything,” said Dotson.

Good advice