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Waffle House -- Just Another Tool Used For Storm Tracking

3:00 PM, Sep 14, 2018


Chloe Nordquist

Waffle House is known for their waffles and all-times-of-the-day breakfast. But the establishment is also used as a measurement….for storms.


Waffle House -- Just Another Tool Used For Storm Tracking

The Federal Emergency Management Administration calls it the Waffle House Index. It measures how bad it is in certain areas during storms, including recent natural disasters like Hurricane Irma .

This is how it works. There are three colors — green, yellow, and red.

If a Waffle House is open with power and serving a full menu, the index is green. That tells FEMA everything is OK in that area.

Yellow means the restaurant is serving a limited menu, supplies are low and power was lost in that area.

Red means the Waffle House is closed and the community has taken a hard hit during the storm.

HelloSWFL contacted Collier County and Charlotte County Friday to see if their emergency management had anything similar to what FEMA is doing. Both counties agreed the whole Waffle House idea is smart.

Collier County doesn’t monitor just one store, it gets reports from businesses, gas stations and grocery stores to see what is going on in the area.

It’s part of Charlotte County’s management plan to work with hospitals, nurseries, local agencies and gas stations to see what is open and what is not.

As Hurricane Florence threatens the Carolinas ' coast right now, Waffle House is ready to help:


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