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Voters Approved Cape Coral's GO Bond for Parks. What's Next?

4:12 PM, Nov 13, 2018


Olivia Frain

Last week, Cape Coral voters narrowly approved a new general obligation (GO) bond for the city's parks.

Now $60 million will be poured into parks and recreational facilities throughout the Cape.

Voters Approved Cape Coral's GO Bond for Parks. What's Next?

First they'll work with an engineering firm to make improvements to existing parks.

Some plans for the money include:

While those improvements are being made, they'll be designing seven new neighborhood parks and three new community parks.

You'll get updates on the progress of the projects from the city every three months.

Kerry Runyon is the Director of Cape Coral Parks and Recreation. She says they're trying to be as transparent as possible about how the money is going to be spent. Because of that, there's a full breakdown of all the funds on the city's website.

Runyon says it will only cost the average Cape Coral homeowner around $55 in extra property taxes.

If you want to know how much the bond will cost you, you can check out the GO bond calculator . You should have also received a card in the mail telling you the exact amount you'll be paying.