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Volunteers Return from Haiti in the midst of Protest

Protest in Haiti caused several Southwest Florida churches and non-profit organizations from returning home.

Local news reports stated that volunteers from Cape Christian Fellowship and Hope for Haiti of Naples have returned home safely.

Haiti’s government recently increased its gas prices nearly 13 percent. The gas increase led Haitian citizens to protest, which blocked some city streets heading to the airport.

Cape Christian Fellowship of Cape Coral and Hope for Haiti of Naples were on the island doing missionary work in small villages on the countryside of Port Au Prince.

“It’s challenging when things are going down, and there’s unrest in the streets,” said Skyler Badenoch, who is the CEO of Hope for Haiti.

“It’s easy for us to get things done, once there’s relative stability we’re able to go back and do our work, just as we were doing it before,” he said.

Reporting by Terrace Myles