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Video: Body Cameras To Establish Community Trust

With the city of Fort Myers enduring an increased amount of crime recently, the police department has decided to up their equipment. Though body cameras have been used previously, Police Chief Derrick Diggs has announced that all officers will be outfitted with the cameras, otherwise referred to as ‘the third eye’ in hopes to reduce area crime and establish a sense of trust among officers and the community.

The department is among the first in the state of Florida to implement body cameras for all uniformed officers. In addition, the department has announced the launch of new, yellow Tasers. The bright color helps the public distinguish the Taser from a lethal weapon, such as a gun. Lt. Jay Rodriguez further elaborates, “Not only are we saying ‘Taser, Taser, Taser,’ but now you can see that you have a Taser.”

These new additions are to be implemented immediately, in an effort to provide transparency as a step towards a safer community.