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Video: Bloodstained Men Protest in Fort Myers

A group of men and women parade down 41 and Six Mile Cyprus in Fort Myers dressed in white with faux bloodstains on the crotch of their pants. They are clutching signs stating, “Circumcision Removes 16+ Functions,” and “European Doctors Condemn Circumcision.” This unique group is officially known as “The Bloodstained Men,” a non-profit charity based out of California. Their mission: to raise awareness about the harm caused to infant males during circumcision.

The Bloodstained Men protest in sixty cities from coast to coast, spreading the word about the long-term consequences of circumcision, in the name of human rights. The group refers to themselves as “in-activists,” who are looking to debunk the circumcision must be okay, because America is performing it argument.

Harry Guiremand, a spokesman for Bloodstained Men, showcased his disdain towards the act of circumcision and those who perform the procedure by holding a sign stating, “I did not consent”. “My body was damaged [by circumcision], nobody asked me, nobody asked me if that’s what I wanted, because it’s not what I wanted.” Guiremand considers the act of circumcision a form of child abuse, considering that a male infant cannot consent to the procedure. He elaborates, “You don’t have the power to remove body parts from your child any more than you have the right to cut off his hands!”

Police officers closely follow the protest as it carries up Route 41. The procession continued without any issues or incidents.