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Veterans' Flag Pole Wiped Out By Irma Reinstalled In City Cemetery

There was a time where the American flag did not fly over more than 30 veterans’ graves in the Oak Ridge section of the Fort Myers cemetery after Hurricane Irma.

But that all changed thanks to the organization and some concerned citizens.

According to Keith Campbell of the American Military Veterans’ Foundation the flag pole was ripped from the ground during the storm.

Campbell says he received a phone call telling him about the situation and knew his organization had to do something to help.

“This cemetery has had years of negativity whether it’s not getting attention or people just feel that its not being taken care of properly,” Campbell said.

“We just wanted to make it a positive and let people know we do care about our veterans; even the ones that lie and rest,” said Campbell.

Once they contacted the city a pole and temporary flag was put up shortly after. Campbell’s organization even reached out to Washington D.C. and had a flag flown over the Capitol.

That flag will be raised at a ceremony on May 19th at the Oak Ridge section of Fort Myers cemetery. Campbell is hoping the community will come out to honor all those who served under the stars and stripes.

“They still deserve the respect that they deserve for fighting for our country,” Campbell said.

The Mayor of Fort Myers will be one of the guest speaker during the ceremony.

He said this in a statement to Hello SWFL:

“Following the events of last September’s Hurricane Irma we have now reinstalled the new flag pole and flag over our beloved Veterans in the city cemetery. We are reminded of the significant contributions of our Veterans and the freedom they fought for on behalf of all citizens. We honor them, support them and their families in love and compassion.

The city of Fort Myers cherishes the sacrifices made and will continue to lift up these moments and opportunities to pause, honor and respect all Veterans, their families, and those currently serving. We stand by them, just as they stood up for our freedom over the decades and currently. God Bless them all.

Randall P. Henderson, Jr

Mayor, City of Fort Myers”

Campbell said the ceremony should last about an hour.