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Vegans Protest In Fort Myers

“I actually love meat,” said one passerby. “And I’ll always eat meat. (But) what I do see is very upsetting.”

by Charlie Edward

On the Patio De Leon in downtown Fort Myers, Anonymous For The Voiceless presented the vegan argument in an entirely different and unique way. They argued for the vegan lifestyle with a tool we’re likely to see used more and more in all sorts of arguments and experiences as time passes by.

Through virtual reality.

With that technology, the protesters gave people a chance to actually experience what it’s like to be a livestock animal.

VR Technology
Woman experiencing life as a livestock animal in virtual reality

“We’re trying to show people that vegan values and the average person’s values are extremely similar,” explained Justin Clark of Anonymous For The Voiceless.

The night included no shortage of opinions from vegans and non-vegans alike. Especially as each passerby on the patio reacted to the images shown of animals being tortured in the slaughterhouse.

One woman stood in shock and horror, screaming in response to what she saw.

Others were also upset, but not to where they’d consider making any major changes.

“I am not a vegan, no, I actually love meat,” said one man, “And I’ll always eat meat. (But) what I do see is very upsetting.”

“They obviously have no sense of morality with the cows and the conditions are horror,” he continued.

Clark used this example when explaining his beliefs: “If you took anyone at this event, and then there was another person at this event that was torturing a dog — we would both try to prevent that person from harming the dog in any way that we could. So if the person turned around and said, ‘it’s my choice to harm this dog,’ why would you think that me harming the dog was wrong?”

Anonymous For The Voiceless
Anonymous For The Voiceless member protesting.

Others may feel the consumption of animal-based products is too deeply engrained in our livelihood for major change to happen overnight.

“People used to hunt animals and treat them with respect. Now since everything has gotten so consumer based, they just treat them like product.”

There is, at least, the option of opting for humanely raised animal products. For information on where to find that in Southwest Florida, head to

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