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Vacuum Being Used to Remove Blue-Green Algae From Lee County Canals

A vacuum…but for algae.

Efforts to clean up the blue-green algae in Cape Coral continued Wednesday at the Cape Coral Yacht Club and in the canal across from the Tiki Hut restaurant.

About a week ago, the Department of Environmental Protection gave Lee County $700,000 to help clean the water.

County officials are in communication daily with the Department of Environmental Protection and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to identify areas that need to be cleaned, according to an e-mail sent out Tuesday by the county.

Locations for daily cleanups of blue-green algae are determined after sunrise because overnight conditions can change algae locations.

A giant vacuum attached to a truck is used to suck the algae out of the canal.

Once the algae is sucked up into a truck, the truck goes to the North Lee County reverse osmosis plant in Lee County. The city said this is a test project, so we don’t know if this will be a permanent solution.

We are looking in to more information on the company contracted to clean this algae up. After all, it is your tax dollars being used.

The county and city refused to talk to us on camera today, but will provide availability for interviews later this week.

To report a bloom, you can call the toll-free hotline at 855-305-3903 or report online at

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Additional reporting by Anna Kohls and Brittany Muller