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USDA Confirms They are Investigating Animal Abuse Allegations in Lee County

Definition of “Illegal Slaughterhouse,” comes into question.

You may have heard about an “illegal slaughterhouse” being operated in Lee County after an animal rights group captured video inside ranches where animals appeared to be being abused.

But there really isn’t a legal definition of what a slaughterhouse IS. At least not one we could find. Meaning it might not be illegal for a ranch to kill animals on their property.

However, we did find the Humane Slaughter Act, which is enforced by the United States Department of Agriculture. Though the law does not define a slaughterhouse or facility, it does spell out the most humane ways to slaughter livestock.

After the video surfaced, a USDA Food Safety spokesperson confirmed they are reviewing “alleged welfare issues concerning livestock and poultry in Lee County.”