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UPDATE: The Latest From the 1995 Cracker Barrel Murder Case

Brandy Bain Jennings, one of the culprits from the 1995 killings of three Cracker Barrel employees, was denied his appeal for his death penalty conviction. The ruling came earlier this week from the Supreme Court and put this case one step closer to justice.

In November of 1995 Brandy Bain Jennings along with his accomplice, Charles Jason Graves broke into a Collier County Cracker Barrel in the early morning hours. Jennings and Graves robbed the store for nearly $6,000 and slit the throats of the opening employees Dorothy Siddle, Vicki Smith and Jason Wiggins.

The pair left the bodies in the freezer of the restaurant and headed for Vegas where authorities apprehended the suspects.

Jennings was sentenced to three death sentences, and Graves was sentenced to three life sentences plus 15 years for the robbery. 23 years later and Jennings is still tied up in appeals court, but this latest denial will put him one step closer to completing his sentence.