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U.S. Army Corps Visits Cape Coral to Talk Algae Problems

The discussion over algae, the health of the Gulf water, and Lake Okeechobee continues.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers came to Cape Coral Tuesday to discuss the water problems with the community.

A lot of people showed up — and it’s safe to say many are not happy.

“It’s been happening for years,” S’Iva Goodman said. “It’s just been spilling over really bad into this area and I want answers and I want action.”

Goodman was wearing a mask and holding signs outside of the meeting with her daughter Shelby.

“I’m a concerned citizen, I’m a concerned mother, I’m a taxpayer,” Goodman said. “There’s a problem and no one’s really telling people what’s going on here.”

While the meeting was happening, a dead manatee washed up on shore outside.

Some people who showed up said the algae was the reason behind the manatee’s death, and that they’re feeling the effects as well.

“I have skin rashes, like it’s difficult to breathe here, my eyes are watering their itchy,” Misty Stumpf said. “If I can’t breath I can’t imagine how they’re feeling, their in the water and they’re dying.”

Businesses owners, vacationers, and people who live here all want the same thing — answers.

“Enough is enough, we’re not going to sit on the sidelines anymore, we’re not going to be ignored we need to do something about this,” Stumpf said.

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Additional reporting by Terrace Myles