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Two Women Keep Traditions Alive Through LaBelle Pie Shop

1:16 PM, Nov 21, 2018

It’s as easy as pie. Two Peas Cafe Owners, Debbie Klemmer and Vicki Reynolds, are keeping generations of tradition alive, one pie at a time.

“My family had a restaurant in LaBelle for 68 years, it was called Flora and Ella’s Restaurant. It sold out of the family to the Bonita Bakery and when the economy crashed they closed it. That was in 2011,” said Debbie.

Two Women Keep Traditions Alive Through LaBelle Pie Shop

Flora and Ella’s Restaurant was famous for Ella’s homemade pies.

“We kind of want to keep the tradition going, and I know Ella would be proud of what we are doing. I get emotional, I can’t help it. But we are just thankful to be here and keep doing what we are doing, and keep making these pies,” Debbie said.

Vicki started working for the family when she was 14. She and Debbie have been best friends ever since.

“Over 40 years it’s been working. In our younger day we were a little more wild than we were are now, that’s where two peas came from,” said Vicki.

The community played a big part in opening Two Peas Cafe back in 2013.

“We didn’t have the money to do it, so we both said if it’s meant to happen then God will make their way. Then the next thing we knew we had all these people wanting to buy us dishes, did all the painting for us, and it just came together,” said Debbie.

More than 5 years later the cafe continues to be a popular breakfast and lunch spot in LaBelle, serving southern-style food and dessert. Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of year for pie orders.

“People come from all over, they know the reputation. That’s why we do over 200 [pies] during Thanksgiving, last year it was around 225,” said Debbie.

The coconut cream pie is the most popular. “We make everything homemade because it’s just better that way,” said Debbie. Everything from strawberry, chocolate cream, and peanut butter cream pie, as well as chocolate cake, cheesecake, and fudge. Is your mouth watering yet?

“If it’s not in you and you don’t love it, it’s not where you need to be and I think the restaurant industry you have to be married to. And it’s all we know, we love it,” said Vicki.

“I wouldn’t do anything else, I’m almost 64 years old, and to get up at 3:00, be here by 3:30, work until two, three in the afternoon. You have to have a love for this business to do it, and we truly love it. You have to because no one wants to work this hard,” said Debbie.

Everyone that walks in through the door of the cafe leaves as family.

“You go to all different types of places, and you know you leave home and say you’ll never go back. There ain't no place like home, and there ain't no place like LaBelle,” said Vicki.

Both Debbie and Vicki plan to keep Two Peas Cafe in the family for many years down the road.


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