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True Blue Campaign to improve community relations within Fort Myers

If you haven’t been to a Fort Myers City Council meeting lately, then you probably haven’t heard about the new True Blue Campaign. It’s a new initiative put in place by Fort Myers Police Chief Derrick Diggs. The campaign’s main goal is to improve community relations within the Fort Myers community.

Planning for this new program started in June of 2017 and it’s launched was announced in January 2nd, 2017. The challenge? Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) is rebranding. They’re creating a new image, message and community statement. Their result? ‘True Blue: True to our community. True to our commitments. True to our city.”

FMPD is implementing this new branding city wide. They showed mocks for billboards, print ads and even transit advertising during city council.

After the meeting, we met with Chief Diggs to get a better idea of what this meant for the community. One of the things we ask him was if this new initiative was related to the Freeh Report. You may remember that we reported on FMPD in 2017 in regards to the Nate Allen case . The Free Report was included in that story – a self audit done on FMPD to identify toxic behavior on the force and suggestions on how they can improve it. One issue was community relations.

Chief Diggs told us the True Blue Campaign was in part, related to the Free Report, however it really is an effort to build better ties with the citizens of Fort Myers regardless of the report.

Now, we don’t know that that entails just yet. Will there be a cookout every 3rd Saturday of the month? Will FMPD start to host block parties for inner city youth? We aren’t sure. Chief Diggs did not go into specifics. But we are happy that we could follow up on this story and report that FMPD is making strides to rebuild community relations.

If you want to check out their announcement of the True Blue Campaign, check out the link from Fort Myers City Council . It’s around the 5:36pm mark of the meeting!

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