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Tropical Storm Michael Impacting Florida Candidate Campaigns

5:28 PM, Oct 08, 2018

The countdown is on. There are 29 days until Election Day and with Tropical Storm Michael predicted to slam into the Panhandle this week, it’s put a damper on some campaign plans.

Tropical Storm Michael Impacting Florida Candidate Campaigns

The Democratic Candidate for governor says he needs to focus on his job first. Here’s what Andrew Gillum tweeted Sunday:

Republican Ron Desantis hasn’t announced plans to cancel events. Here’s what he tweeted:

A late season storm hasn’t occurred this close to Election Day since 1998. Tropical Storm Mitch hit the Southwest coast 10 years ago on November 4th, a day after Republican Jeb Bush beat Democratic Incumbent Buddy Mackay.

To prepare for Tropical Storm Michael, Governor Rick Scott is taking a break from campaigning to focus on emergency preparations. He is meeting with local officials and has activated 500 members of the national guard.

Scott is running against Democrat Bill Nelson for the U.S. Senate seat.

One thing all candidates agree on, make sure your emergency kit is ready and have a plan in place.