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Three Apps to Help Parents Remember Babies in the Car  

As temperatures soar into the 90s, now more than ever parents should take the extra time to check their car before leaving their vehicles.

Last week, three children died after being left in hot cars.

In 2017, more than 30 children died in hot cars. During the summer months, the interior of a car can reach 125-degrees in as little as 10 minutes.

To prevent another tragic event, there are several apps on the market that helps parents to remember their children in the back seat.

The Backseat App is the newest one on the market . Its creator, Erin O’Connor, an Arizona father started designing the app in July 2017.

Kars4Kids Safety App – available on Google Play . It requires a Bluetooth-enabled phone and car.

Kars4Kids Safety app was created by the non-profit organization Kars4Kids. A customizable alarm goes off whenever you and your phone exit the car to remind you to take your baby from the car seat.

Precious Cargo App – only available in the App Store for iOS

The Precious Cargo app has been on the market for nearly four years. It was co-designed by Shaun Johnston , a North Carolina father who said it’s easy for parents with “a lot on your mind, a lot on your to-do list,” to forget they have a small child in the back seat.


For a low tech solution, parents are encouraged to take off one shoe and put it in the backseat before you drive off.

When you reach your destination and get out of your car you won’t forget your child and you won’t forget your shoe.

Additional reporting by Brittany Muller