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Thousands Petition To Keep Home Vegetable Gardens In Florida

“Let our gardens grow,” said a petition signed by more than 54,000 people as of Tuesday (May 15th).

According to the petition, the city of Miami Shores passed a law banning vegetable gardens in front yards. Some say they were fined $50 a day.

“Please join us in urging the Florida Senate to pass S.B. 1776. We ask legislators to do so not just so that we can grow our own food, but also so that Florida can be seen as a state that cares about its citizens’ freedom and property rights,” the petition said.

A Cape Coral woman, Wanda Lopez, is one of the thousands that signed the petition.

“My concern basically (is) that as property owners, we should really have the right to be able to plant whether it’s in our front lawn or in our back lawn,” said Lopez.

As the number of signatures grow, those that signed are hoping to get this Senate bill passed to ensure that their lawns are free to grow fruits and vegetables.

“We live here in Florida and Florida is a beautiful state and as much as I think it’s important to keep it beautiful, I think it’s important for us to be able to protect our own rights as property owners,” Lopez said.