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Thinking of getting a bunny for a loved one this Easter?

Easter is a time of chocolate, eggs, and of course cute bunny rabbits! However, it’s also a time where parents may be thinking of adopting a bunny for their children.

The same thing happens during Christmas. During the holidays, a parent may think it’s a great idea to get their child a puppy, and after the season, they may want to surrender the animal because it wasn’t a good fit.

To avoid this Executive Director, Jennifer Galloway at Gulf Coast Humane Society gave us some information to consider if you’re thinking of adopting this season.

“We do discourage adopting any animal as a gift,” she told us. “We feel this way because we believe the person who the gift is for, should be involved in the adoption process.”

She instead suggested, bringing the child to the pet store or animal shelter. This will help the child pick out the bunny that best suites them.

“This also helps us sit the family down and educate them on the type of care the animal needs,” she said. “If a child isn’t careful, they can harm the animal. For instance, if a child holds a rabbit the wrong way, they can break its back.”

So this Easter, if your family is truly set on getting a rabbit, do the research. Get the proper caging. Bunnies need adequate space to move around. Try not to buy animals to surprise loved ones. Pets should be discussed and carefully thought about.

Lastly, if you do fall victim to impulse pet buying this season, do not release a domesticated bunny into the wild. Surrender it to a shelter.