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Things To Do This Weekend: Columbus Ships In Southwest Florida

Traveling replicas of the Niña and the Pinta are in Southwest Florida this weekend only.

There is no Santa Maria, but it is still two of the three of Christopher Columbus’ famous sea vessels.

“My father was one of the founding fathers of the Columbus Foundation and it was kind of his dream to have these ships built,” said Stephen Sanger, the captain of the Niña.

The boats do more than travel the coasts. They can go up river all the way to Pittsburgh and more.

One visitor, Bob Headlund, said, “I was surprised at how wide ranged these ships go in their travels. All over the United States; been through the Panama Canal ten times I saw.”

Captain Sanger said the best part of his job is sharing the history with visitors like Headlund.

“To be able to step on board the ship you know and kind of get an actual idea and glimpse of what it was like. To be on board a 15th century caravel it kind of puts you in their shoes a little more,” he said.

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