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The Last Straw...Well, Maybe the Last Plastic Straw

We’ve all seen the stories about companies and cities turning away from plastic straws and going to paper ones. Back in November, the town of Fort Myers Beach passed a city ordinance to ban plastic straws. Most recently The City of Sanibel passed a law banning plastic straws.

But how did we start to use plastic straws? No one really knows when we started using straws, but back in the 1800’s people used rye grass as straws in their drinks. It wasn’t until 1888 when American inventor Marvin C. Stone created the first modern paper straw.

So with plastic straws being phased out we wanted to know if you can you tell the difference between paper straws and the plastic ones we’re used to?

We put them to the test!

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Reporting by Gabriela Milian