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The Impact of the Marco Patriots

The Marco Patriots began as a small group of volunteers looking to help their community through Hurricane Irma. Now, they are still committing acts of service and have made a lasting impact on the community.

“We began as just a group of concerned volunteers,” said ErinMia Milchman, a founding member, “A core group of about 15 people who, you know, just gave their everything.”

Some members of the Marco Patriots were in Texas helping with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey when they received news of the category 5 hurricane heading to Florida. After facing the flooding and damage in Texas, they used what they learned there to start preparing Marco Island as soon as possible.

This was the beginning of the Marco Patriots.

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They began by gathering the contact information for everyone they could. They used a Facebook group and the Zello App to communicate with the residents of Marco Island.

“The things that people were seeing who owned homes here in Marco Island, but perhaps they were in Wisconsin or Ohio, were watching things a little more dramatic on television,” said Milchman, “So we provided them real information, in real time.”

After the storm hit, the Marco Island Patriots did not stop helping. They began checking in on residents and their properties, assessing damage and distributing supplies. They also started a GoFundMe page which has since raised $92,025.

Now, two months later, the Marco Patriots have left a lasting impact on the community and plan to stick around for any future needs. This does not mean only in cases of natural disasters, but any need the Marco Patriots find in their community.

The Marco Patriots are currently working to become a registered non-profit.

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