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Deal Details Concealed Between Hertz and Germain Arena in Estero

1:15 PM, Sep 27, 2018


Chloe Nordquist, Michael Adam Mora

By now you’ve probably heard about the ‘color controversy’ surrounding the Hertz Arena , which will be unveiled August 2019. The Hertz Corporation wants a majority of the arena exterior painted in yellow, but there has been significant resistance from the public about the color.

Deal Details Concealed Between Hertz and Germain Arena in Estero

The Village of Estero held a public meeting Wednesday night, with about 40 to 50 people in attendance. A majority of those people were residents of senior community, Tidewater by Del Webb.

It was a drab room with beige walls, with five city council members facing the audience. One by one, over the hour-long forum, community members walked up to the podium to voice their opinion. Every person who expressed their opinion at the public meeting was against the proposed painting.

“Hertz will have unattended consequence," Fred said, a middle-aged community member, "if this building is put out in garish yellow."

If you want to know what else is being done to the building, good luck. Despite repeated attempts, HelloSWFL did not receive any answers to our questions that went beyond the exterior aesthetics.

Craig Brush, president of the Florida Everblades, said the inside of Germain Arena will undergo significant changes. These updates will "reflect the fact that Hertz is the naming rights sponsor," Brush said.

However, additional details will be announced on opening night, which is Oct. 19.

“You know we are working with the Everblades and the Everblades will have more details on that," Jayesh Patel said, Hertz Corporation vice senior president of brand, "but what I would say is the arena reflects on our brand and it reflects on the community and we are looking forward to building a strong partnership here."

Naming rights is a lucrative source of revenue, or money tree, for the arena. But the financial details within the contract will remain confidential, according to the Florida Everblades president.

At the meeting, Brush did say that the National Hockey League team, the Toronto Maple Leafs, recently sold its naming rights for a whopping $40 million a year in a 20-year contract. That’s $800 million.

The contract with the Hertz Corporation is probably not that substantial, but it puts into perspective how much money we are talking about.

We do know new money will not be going towards a new roof. Lee County’s, All Hazards fund, is paying $100 million to replace it. The bidding process for that is coming up on Oct. 10.


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