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The 411 on 911

We hope you never find yourself in a situation in which you need to call 911 as quick as possible. But if you do, don’t worry. We have you covered.

Phone manufacturers know that in some situations you don’t have enough time to unlock your phone to dial 911 or your loved ones. That’s why some phones special features to get you help quick. Even though voice control is a great option, it may not be ideal for every occasion.

For iPhone users (7 or older), push the side power button 5 times to pull up a slider to call 911. For iPhones 8 or newer, press and hold the power button to get that same slider. After your call, the phone will ping your location to your emergency contacts.

For Samsung users, you have two options. The lock screen has swipe to make an emergency call on the left corner. It takes you a dial screen with quick dials to 911 or emergency contacts. Samsung also has SOS messaging. This feature needed to be set up and activated in the advanced settings. Once you have it on, and you are in an emergency, press the power button three times to send an SOS. This message will go to your assigned emergency contacts and contain audio and pictures from both the front and back camera.

For other androids or phones, search and download SOS apps. There are many to choose from. Look for the quickest and easiest to use.