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Testing the Water: Fort Myers Beach

There are multiple agencies conducting water tests throughout Fort Myers Beach to make sure the water is safe for people that love to swim on the beach.

Now, there’s a different type of water testing that is going on that is meant to help the people that live on the island. The town has decided to conduct their water testing, not on the side of the beach, but on the back Bay Area where the canals are.

Residents say they used to be able to fish right off their canals, but in the past few years, they haven’t been able to find any fish. Residents in the area believe that it is largely due to the water in the back bay being polluted. The issue with the back bay is that water in that area tends to remain stagnant. Any pollution that is thrown into it tends to remain there, and it affects the oxygen levels.

It’s also important to know that water from the canals ends up moving into the beach side.

What do you think about the town investing into this?