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Tenants Temporarily Moved From Collapsed Fort Myers Apartment

Three apartment units at the Sunrise Towers Apartment Complex have been evacuated because of code violations after a staircase collapsed.

The Florida Fire Prevention Code requires a safe distance to emergency exits. Two of the units were occupied and one is vacant.

According to the City of Fort Myers, the property owner has made arrangements to temporarily relocate the two affected tenants while the stairwell is being repaired.

“I’ve seen the Fire Department, Section 8, Code Enforcement,  everyone out here – and this property is not shut down. It’s amazing. You need to bring someone real out here – this will be shut down and all of us will have vouchers and we won’t be living here”, said a friend of a tenant that frequents the apartment complex.

The staircase collapsed Friday, July 6, 2018, but it was no surprise to many of the people living in that complex. Several of them had filed complaints about the conditions of the complex before. In fact, 13 cases have been filed and are still open.

The City of Fort Myers requires a structural engineer, hired by the building owner, to do a final inspection once repairs are done.

Then the structural engineer submits a letter and plans to the city’s building department showing that repairs were completed and up to code. Building officials then will do a final inspection of the stairs and make sure they’re up to code.

Reporting by Jalyn Henderson

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