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SWFL Veterans Push for Statewide "CAMO ALERTS"

Every time an elderly person or young child goes missing under suspicious circumstances — you probably see an alert about it on your phone or the local news website.

Now, Southwest Florida Veterans want “Camo Alerts” to be treated just like Silver Alerts and AMBER Alerts — an instant notification that will help locate a Veteran who has gone missing.

Air Force Veteran Sarah Cox recently used this idea to help find her Veteran friend who lives a few hours from Fort Myers. She told Sarah she was having suicidal thoughts.

Through the network of Veterans, someone was able to find her, call emergency responders, and get her to treatment.

Now, Sarah and other Veterans wants to get Camo Alerts funded by the state so they can have the same functionality as other missing person alerts.

“I wonder sometimes is a Veteran’s life as important as an elderly person or a child,” Sarah Cox said. “A person’s life is a person’s life.”