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SWFL Parents: How to Treat and Prevent Scald Burns

3:21 PM, Nov 13, 2018


Tamika Cody

Did you know microwavable instant soup is the culprit of sending more than 10,000 children to the emergency room every year?  Emory University recently published a study that found one in five kids sent to the emergency room for scald burns are there because of microwaved instant and noodle soup.

How to Treat Scald Burns

“A scald burn is a burn that occurs from a hot liquid” explained Evan Valerie M.D., Pediatric Surgeon with Golisano Children's Hospital.

Dr. Valerie said toddlers are the most prone to these types of accidents because they are so curious about exploring their environment.

As part of the study , researchers went through the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System data from 2006 to 2016 to find out how many pediatric patients' scald burns were caused by either microwavable instant soup, instant noodles, cup of soup, or water for making instant soup.

During those 10 years, they found that those scald burns related to instant soups and noodles affect more than 9,500 children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old.

Most of those burns happened to children who were 7 years old. 40 percent of the injuries were on the child’s torso.

Anything straight out of the oven, off the stove or out of the microwave should be left to cool for a few minutes before serving it to children.

There are a few things you can do to protect and prevent your kids from suffering a scald burn.

If children are not old enough to cook, then keep them out of the kitchen.

If there is an accident with hot liquid or hot food, the first thing to do is to take off the child’s clothing. “The reason why you take off the clothes is that the cloth holds in the heat next to the skin, and you want to avoid this,” explained Dr. Valerie.

Next, apply cool water with a towel, instead of ice. “Ice can cause the burn to blister,” Dr. Valerie explained.

And depending on how severe the burn is, take your child to see a doctor or to the emergency room.


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