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SWFL Book Lovers Share Your Love of Books With Community Libraries

August 9th is National Book Lovers Day and what better way to celebrate than by visiting a little community library! For those who love to read a good book and would like to share the joy of reading then community library is the thing for you!

Little Free Libraries is a community book exchange program found across the nation. The non-profit has spread throughout SWFL and you can find about 25 LIttle Free Libraries post in our area.

Basically, you take a book – you share a book.

It’s also a great way to swap out last years books for some fresh reads for you and your family. Since anyone can drop off books this means that there are different books for different reading levels. You can find children books, adult novels, etc.

The purpose of these free books is to promote reading among people of all ages and backgrounds. This is also a great way for families that don’t regularly have access to books to have access and experience the joy that reading brings to many.

So remember in order to sit back, relax and read take a book and share a book.

To find a Little Free Library near you go to

Reporting by Tonie Meyer