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SunPass Users Still Experiencing Billing Problems

12:30 PM, Oct 02, 2018


Allyssa Dickert, Chloe Nordquist

For SunPass users, it seems like it’s hard to catch a break lately.

SunPass Users Still Experiencing Billing Problems

Some users of the Florida electronic toll collection system continue to have problems with the toll-by-plate billing process, after the system was renovated earlier this year.

Instead of being charged each day, you might be getting charged a huge chunk of change all at once. Back in June, the system was backlogged, and many users unexpectedly got larger bills after the SunPass system shut down during a six-day upgrade.

SunPass's progress in handling the error is illustrated in a series of press releases on Twitter, beginning on July 10.

From that date until Aug. 14, the Orlando Turnpike Twitter account posted updates every couple of days, sometimes daily, where it announced a couple million more transactions being posted.

Having fees delivered at once has caused many Floridians to incur overdraft fees from their banking institution.

"Sunpass deployed an overdraft claims process to make our customers whole," Mike Dew said, the Florida Department of Transportation secretary, in an Aug. 14 press release. "We will not let Conduent off the hook and the bill for reimbursements will be sent directly to Conduent. SunPass customer service representatives are trained and ready to receive calls from customers who may have been impacted.”

Those duped by SunPass must submit bank records that reflect at least "two automatic replenishment." The overdraft fees, between June 11 to Aug. 17, should also be included. As a result, customers will have a check mailed to them or their SunPass account can be credited.

If you are among SunPass users still experiencing billing problems and are not getting an answer when you call its customer service line, you can file a claim online, by fax, mail or going to a nearby walk-in center.

Another round of billing is expected to be sent out early in November so we’ll stay on top of any new details on how to get your money back.

For additional reimbursement instructions, click here .


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