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SunPass Upgrade is Finally Complete

After nearly two months of online maintenance, Florida’s toll-way system, SunPass, is back to normal.

SunPass users will now start to see how much money they owe after riding through the tolls but weren’t immediately charged.

Under Governor Rick Scott’s direction, the Florida Department of Transportation is investigating Conduent, the company Florida hired to handle the toll system.

After experiencing major issues with Conduent, FDOT said it will waive late fees within the time period the online system was down.

In its press release , the FDOT stated that it will notify SunPass users in the near future about how they can file a claim for an overdraft expense reimbursement.


In addition, the FDOT said it will also keep an eye on the ongoing process of all transactions accrued through Florida’s Toll-By-Plate system.

It expects to have all outstanding Toll-By-Plate transactions processed as soon as possible. The Department said it will not charge late fees or penalties for Toll-By-Plate customers.

Additional reporting by Jalyn Henderson and Rebecca Fath