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State Lawmakers Want "IN GOD WE TRUST" Displayed on Public Schools


On Tuesday, the PreK-12 Innovation Committee backed House Bill 839 , which would require all public schools and administrative centers to post “In God We Trust” somewhere on all public schools and administrative buildings.

The saying is already Florida’s state motto — officially established in 2006 — and is printed on the state flag.

The subcommittee’s move to back this bill has stirred up a debate on social media platforms.

But what about other education legislation?

House Bill 1 looks at establishing the Hope Scholarship Program, a program to help bullied students. The money would help them transfer and attend a private school or pay for transportation to another public school after any harassment or attack.

And then you have House Bill 779 . This bill would make government-funded education facilities a shelter or resource during emergencies, like hurricanes.

Outside of education, the legislators are also talking about the state’s opioid problem and Hurricane Irma recovery.

Plenty of talk and plenty to talk about in Tallahassee. As for House Bill 839, it goes to the House Education Committee next