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Spend a Little More on Dad

Father’s Day is coming up Sunday, June 18. Did you remember to send your dad a card?

The National Retail Federation reported that Father’s Day pulls in about $15 billion in sale throughout the United States.

But when it came to the spending power for Mother’s Day, people spent a little more on mom. This year, the National Retail Federation expected Mother’s Day to generate nearly $23 billion in sales.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans are going to celebrate Father’s Day this year, and of those who buy gifts, 40% are going to get them at a department store.

About 33% will do their shopping online. On average, people will spend $133 on presents for dad. For Mother’s Day, people spent, on average $180 on gifts for mom.

So if you do celebrate Father’s Day this year, try to dig a little deeper in your pockets, or at least treat him as nice as mom.

Additional reporting by Allyssa Dickert