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SOLD! Where should we meet-up?

Have you ever bought or sold something on craigslist? It seems like online shopping has revolutionized commerce and is now part of everyone’s lives. Even though for the most part, the process is pretty flawless and safe, there are still accidents and crime that happen once we meet in person.

Somebody in SWFL got robbed at gunpoint while meeting a seller that was supposed to give them an E-cigarette. When she got out of her car, somebody stole her and ran away. This incident scared our community and caused people to rethink the way they approach online marketplaces.

We decided to do a story about some of the ways that these sites recommend us to meet up, and found out that the most significant tip is to meet at public places with security cameras such as banks, malls, and even the police department. Might sound obvious, but we can all always use a reminder on how to stay safe. I meet at the bank.

Where do you think is the safest?