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Small Business Owners Optimistic In Southwest Florida

An NSBA and ZipRecruiter report shows more owners are confident in the future of their business, and the response from local owners in Southwest Florida seems to add up.

“Our profits have actually doubled since we’ve opened,” said one local business owner.

Another said, “Yes,” business has in fact been good.

“Our revenue right now is up tremendously from where we’ve been,” said another.

Not sure if you can tell, but small business owners are feeling pretty good about the small business. Recently, the National Small Business Association and ZipRecruiter released a report that shows more owners are confident in the future of their business .

That sentiment seems to add up here at home. According to its owner, Scooter’s Lawn Care – Florida in Cape Coral has done well. It’s the landscaping company’s second location and it just opened last August.

“The actual operation and employees are growing, as well. We’re actively seeking new employees at this time, trying to keep up with the new demand for work. So we are growing exponentially,” said the owner, Jacob Godar.

Another anonymous owner told us his wife’s job pulled in more money in the last month since the day they opened. And hired two new employees.

Other places are not so worried about expansion, even in this great economic climate. A lot of times for these small business owners here in Southwest Florida, it just seems to be about community and loving what they do and where they work.

“I’ve always had a small business. I’ve never worked in a big environment since the 70s,” said the owner of a local gun shop.

Shayna Greenstein, who helps out at a family-owned ice cream shop on Cleveland Avenue said, “When you come in here, there’s a sense of welcome and a family orientated environment. And therefore, I think people are drawn to that.”

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