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Slow Drivers Are a Danger to Truckers

Slow drivers are just one of the many nuisances in Florida especially when you factor in tourists, new drivers, and seniors behind the wheel.

In 2018, took a deeper dive into National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and found that Florida comes in at No. 2 in the country for careless driving resulting in death. The study questioned whether or not older drivers were to blame.

Despite how old or young drivers are on Florida roads, several studies found that slow drivers are dangerous.

Florida Department of Transportation sent a warning out to slow drivers. FDOT said if you must drive slow, you should stay in the right lane or risk getting a $121 citation .

But drivers who take their time on the road are even a bigger inconvenience to truck drivers.

Florida is one of the top five states that employ truck drivers .

Brian Fielkow, president of the trucking and logistics company Jetco Delivery, explained that the main problem is not slow drivers, but instead, distracted drivers.

The main culprit Brain said are drivers texting and talking on their cell phone.

According to AAA Foundation , several found that using a cell phone while driving can “significantly impair driving performance.”

Reporting by Terrace Myles