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SIM Swap Scam

There is a new scam evolving, and it involves your smartphone. If your smartphone has been on the fritz, you might be a victim of SIM swapping.

SIM swapping happens when a person, most likely someone working in mobile phone repair store, takes your SIM card and inserts it into another phone and swipes your information.

SIM swapping victims may not notice anything at first, like a loss of signal, or their social media accounts being taken over.


  • Monitor your phone and accounts for any signs of suspicious activity
  • If you notice an extended loss of signal on your phone, immediately contact your service provider.
  • Secure your accounts two-factor authentication and email notifications so you can receive the latest information on your account.
  • If you have sensitive accounts like a mobile wallet or a work email authorized on your phone, consider logging out of those apps when they’re not in use.

Cell phone providers should have a list of how to keep your SIM safe. They’re required to follow the Red Flags Rule , which requires them to have a written identity theft prevention program.

Federal Trade Commission enforces these rules and makes sure that businesses have things in place to protect their consumers.

Additional reporting by Jalyn Henderson