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Should Cape Coral Bars Stay Open Till 4am?

People have complained about bars staying open later for similar reasons in the conversation now.

Cape Coral is considering extending bar hours to from 2am to 4am.

Yes, 4am!

They’ve tried this before in 2015 and people complained for similar reasons some are already complaining about the possibility now.

“Say no to extra hours, just more drunks out there to kill people,” said Paul Fisher.

Kayro Campos feels more positive about it, “I see more hours of fun and relaxing while taking an Uber home.”

The thought is that with the Southeast 47th Terrace getting a big streetscape project, longer bar hours could help the economy.

“We did not participate last time. We won’t this time,” said Betty Davis, a manager at the Dek Bar.

She said, “There’s just a lot of extra cost involved in it.”

Other bars don’t know how to feel yet because they don’t know what the ordinance would be like.

The Cape Coral Police Department doesn’t really have a stance either.

The public affairs office told us, “Once we have a clear direction from council as to what they want, we will compile and present the data to them so that they can make an informed policy decision.”