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S(he) Will Fade local advocacy group tackles sexual assault

A local sexual assault advocacy group, S(HE) Will Fade, took the stage on December 6th and delivered a hair-raising performance.

We followed S(he) Will Fade , a group of young men and women united in standing up against sexual violence for the last four months to document their process on tackling the issue of sexual violence.

The group was started by Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) alumni, Megan Shindler, and has since been continued by other FGCU students working towards spreading awareness of sexual assault to the world.

They are performers and activists who perform eye-opening and heartfelt artistic showcases with a heavy message that sexual abuse happens and is often silenced, but this group is speaking up and telling the stories of real survivors to make their voices heard.

S(HE) Will Fade is spelled with parenthesis because the group recognizes that not all victims are female. In our time with S(HE) Will Fade we saw a bond between the members unlike any other.

“Everyone who I love most in the world I met through this movement,” said Olivia Curatalo, a performer and dancer for the group. Curatalo said the showcases consist of everything from transcripts to dancing and paintings.

“We’re kind of like oral historians of sorts” said Ethnographer Victoria Blair, “S(HE) Will Fade is an artistic outlet for survivors and allies alike.” As an ethnographer, Blair meets with victims of sexual assault and, with their permission, creates a transcript to perform at their events based on the real stories of harassment.

The performances are meant to shock the audience and make people aware of how often and in how many different scenarios this type of abuse occurs.

“It’s giving a voice for the voiceless,” said Allie Taylor, publicist, performer and activist for S(HE) Will Fade, “the end goal is to tell people that you’re not a victim, you fought through this and you’re a survivor.”

They are an inspiring group of young performers who are unafraid to share an ugly truth to society in a way that is artistic and meaningful.

It is a refreshing form of protest that is effective in spreading awareness of this societal issue that is more relevant than ever in the news with the hashtag #MeToo on social media and the mounting cases against Hollywood figures.

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