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Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity Sections Were Taken off 2020 Census Proposal

LGBTQ Community reacts to sexual orientation, gender identity sections were taken off 2020 Census proposal

An early version of the 2020 census survey was released in late March. Originally, a section about sexual orientation and gender identity were included. However, those sections were deleted hours later.

“Laws have changed so much in the past ten years the census needs to change with it,” Southwest Florida LGBTQA community activist Brian Weihl said.

Questions about gender identification and orientation have never been included in a census before. A couple of years ago, 75 members of Congress asked the Census Bureau to include them.

So why did the sections disappear? The Census Bureau director wrote in a blog that the categories were never meant to be part of the proposal — it was an error.

Nonprofit LGBTQ Task Force was working with the Census Bureau on including these sections before Policy Director Meghan Maury said the Department of Justice put the breaks on that idea last year.

“Not having sexual orientation and gender identity on both the 2020 census and the long form census, the American Community Survey, really is gonna hurt us in the long term,” Maury said.