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Senior Living Community Builds Relationship with First Responders 

Amavida, the rental senior living community in Fort Myers, prides itself on having a “new approach to senior living.”
12:37 PM, Nov 16, 2018

 First responders are the first to arrive on scene during an emergency. Their jobs are important in the community, but so is building a relationship with them. Amavida wants to do just that. 

Senior living community builds relationship with first responders

The rental senior living community in Fort Myers prides itself on having a “new approach to senior living.” Residents will have an option to live in the assisted or unassisted section. And for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, there is a memory care facility option. 

To start building the relationship, Amavida held a social lunch to show appreciation to EMTs and allow new and future residents to connect.  

“Often times the first time you see responders, you’re panicked, you’re anxious that something is going wrong,” explained Executive Director Heather Battey.

First responders have already been to the community to learn what it’s all about and how they will be able to act in case of an emergency.  

“Some of our paramedics were able to talk to her about the patient care prior to any patients or any residents being in the building yet,” said Fire Inspector with South Trail Fire and Rescue Larry Williams.  

“That’s good to have that communication where we have their number, they have our number. We can talk if there is an issue, we know who to call we know who to talk to.”  

Amavida wants to be an example to other communities and hopes it encourages them to reach out to first responders. 


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