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Self Help Center Now Open at Lee County's Clerk's Office

Lee County’s Clerk’s Office opens self-help center

“Other courthouses don’t have it like this. You have to stand in line and then you have to wait and then. You have to… Some place only have it by file so you have to go through the file. This is just so much quicker”, Angela Fagg Lee County Resident

The Lee County Clerk’s office converted a file room into a self-help center to help anyone representing themselves in civil court.

“We’re here to help them do as much as they can themselves. It’s really important for people to not only be able to file their documents when they’re representing themselves but to monitor their case and they can do that from home online or they can come in here and use our computers”, Linda Doggett Lee County Clerk of Circuit Court

The self-help canter also is providing legal consultations to those representing themselves

“It’s not a full-service attorney service but it is extremely valuable information for people. And they can get that service for a dollar a minute. So its a $15 minimum. So for $15 they can come in they can ask a bunch of questions to an attorney and hopefully get a bunch of information”, Linda Doggett Lee County Clerk of Circuit Court

For now, the attorney service is for tenants rights and evictions. The clerk’s office is planning to partner with additional attorneys to serve a variety type of case.

And this self-help center is not costing anything to you the taxpayer.

“If you don’t have to come to the courthouse my hope is that people will come here to learn how to get this information and how to use these resources and use those from their own home so that they don’t have to make this trip downtown”, Linda Doggett Lee County Clerk of Circuit Court

For more information in the self-help center or what resources Lee County Clerks office provides, you can visit