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Sea Lice Popping Up Around Florida Beaches

Sea Lice. They’re popping up on beaches around Florida.

Florida’s Department of Health said sea lice pop up between March and August.

The rash is caused by jellyfish larvae. This photo shows what it looks like, so you know what to stay away from.

First, check the beach for colored flags. Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection is in charge of changing the colors to let you know whether or not it is safe to go in the water. A purple flag means there are critters to stay away from.

Second, don’t wear t-shirts or loose bathing suits in the water.

“They’re just floating around in the water minding their own business and they get ensna red in your clothing or under your hair just by the pure fact that you’re swimming in the water,” Marine scientist James Douglass said.

Jellyfish larvae can get in between your skin and the loose clothing.

The health department says there’s some evidence that sunscreen may protect the skin from these little bites.

Third, take a shower once you’re done swimming in the water.

If you experience a reaction, make sure to wash your swimsuit with detergent and put it in the dryer on a high heat setting.

The health department said people have experienced a second reaction when letting the swimsuits dry rather than putting them in the dryer.