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School Choice Transfers Leads to Confusion in Lee County

The first few days of the 2018-2019 school year, there was a little bit of a mix up for some Lee County parents and students. Some parents vented about their frustrations on social media.

There are have handfuls of posts seen on Facebook saying:

Lee County School District was unaware of these complaints.

“We have not had that incident or complaint come to us at all,” Rob Spicker, Lee County School District Communications Director, said.

After speaking with several parents, HelloSWFL quickly learned the School District did in fact alert parents about their child being transferred to a different school.

Some of those parents admitted that they dropped the ball on missed calls from the School District.

Spicker says if a child had been transferred, the parent would have been notified because the transferring process cannot happen until there is parent approval.

However, if there is still confusion about what school your child is going to, Spicker advises that you call the Lee County School District School Assignment number at (239) 337-8247.

Reporting by Brittany Muller