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Rough Traffic Day in SWFL

In a heavy traffic season, it’s important to remember the basics when driving past scenes of traffic accidents.

Monday (January 29th) was a rough day for traffic fatalities in Southwest Florida. There were multiple accidents reported across the area, some of which were fatal.

In a season where traffic is so heavy, driving past these accidents can be a danger in and of itself.

“Regardless of what you’re going to do, allow yourself more time,” recommended Jay Rodriguez of the Fort Myers Police Department.

Rodriguez stresses people should get off their phone so they can be alert. He also recommends being patient and driving with caution.

“A lot of times, accidents happen because of another accident. They come up and don’t see traffic slowing down,” explained Rodriguez.

If emergency responders aren’t there yet, the Highway Code recommends slowing down, pulling over somewhere safe, and calling them to provide as much detailed information about the incident as possible.

The Highway Code also recommends not approaching an injured person unless you’re absolutely sure it’s safe to do so. And don’t move an injured person from their vehicle unless they’re in immediate danger.