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Road Construction Woes on State Road 82

Road construction is  underway on State Road 82. It started October of 2017, and people in Lehigh Acres are starting to feel it.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has allocated 250 million dollars to widen the road from two lanes to four lanes and six in others. Over the years, many accidents have occurred on the roads, and even head-on collisions.

To address the issue, FDOT will create a continuous flow intersection where State Road 82, Daniels Parkway and Gunnery Road meet. FDPT decided on building a left turn crossover instead of an overpass.

Now, the project is slated to end summer 2019, however people in Lehigh Acres are struggling with increases commute times. We listed some tips you can use to cut down on traffic.


  1. Skip a snooze session. Use those extra 15 -20 minutes to hit the road earlier.
  2. Use the app Waze. It constantly adjusts to find a quick route. It may even be able to take you through some of the back ways to avoid traffic.
  3. Watch Local News segments. See what your local stations are saying about traffic that morning. They usually give suggestions.
  4. Take you time. Yes, we said it. Rushing could actually cause an accident, and make wait times even longer for residents.

If you’re from the Lehigh Acres area, let us know on Facebook, how you’re dealing with this construction project. We’d love to know!