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Rideshare Safety and How Drivers, Passengers Can Stay Safe

1:14 PM, Oct 08, 2018


Tamika Cody, Chloe Nordquist

Rideshare apps changed the market when they emerged -- especially for those looking to get around town when they aren't able to drive or are in need of a ride somewhere. But what about safety?

Rideshare Safety and How Drivers, Passengers Can Stay Safe

On Thursday, an Uber driver dodged a bullet after a disgruntled passenger allegedly shot into his vehicle in Fort Myers. Lee County Sheriff said the crime happened at the intersection of San Carlos Boulevard and Summerlin Road, according to the press release .

So how do Uber or Lyft drivers react when these things happen? Bloggers and podcasts have been having the debate over rideshare safety. HelloSWFL talked to Walter, an Uber driver in Fort Myers, about what he thinks about every time someone gets in their car.

“I try my best to keep my eyes open," Walter said. "Who's around when I get near the customer, what’s happening around me and try to be nice. I prefer the customer to be on the side of me so I can see the guy you know.”

He said those simple rules can benefit any driver. “I'm doing this to make some money for my kids, and someone trying to do something to you when you’re doing a service is really sad," Walter said.

Lyft has a video that shows how passengers and drivers can stay safe during rides. They also offer information on citations and emergency situations.

Uber also offers the seven following safety tips :
1. Stay focused on driving
2. Watch for pedestrians and cyclists
3. Keep your dropoffs legal
4. Encourage back-seat riders
5. Spread the word to buckle up
6. Take the high road
7. Give feedback


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