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Report: What Happened to Fort Myers Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller

We understand that what happened between Fort Myers Officer Adam Jobbers-Miller and Wisner Desmaret is complicated and sad.

HelloSWFL read through the police reports on what happened that night and we want to inform you — but be warned that some of the details can be graphic.

Just after 7 p.m. on July 21, Fort Myers Police got a call asking for police at the Marathon Gas station on MLK Boulevard. Five officers responded — Lieutenant Tarman, Officers Zarillo, Saboe, Morris and Jobbers-Miller.

The woman who made the call said she saw a man reached into a car and steal a phone from a group of men.

All the officers left the gas station and began looking for that man — who turned out to be Wisner Desmaret.

Within 15 minutes, Lieutenant Tarman found Desmaret. Jobbers-Miller showed up almost at the same time. Desmaret was lying face down on the ground.

All of this is recorded on Jobbers-Miller’s body cam.

The report says that as the officers got close, Desmaret was yelling, “Don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me, shoot me in the back. 4,3,2,1 shoot me. I don’t want to stand up, shoot me while I’m not looking.”

The two officers told Desmaret to stand up and that they don’t want to shoot him.

This is when two witnesses show up in a car and get out. They find a phone on the ground and tell officers it’s the phone that was stolen from them.

While this is going on, Desmaret gets up off the ground and moves quickly toward the car. One of the witnesses moves to stop him from getting closer.

Desmaret takes a few steps back, turns and runs.

Jobbers-Miller runs after him and yells for him to stop.

The two run north, towards MLK Boulevard.

Desmaret slows down, and when Officer Jobbers-Miller gets closer to him, Desmaret turns around with his arms at his sides and palms up. Then he punches Jobbers-Miller.

Jobbers-Millers fell on his back on the ground.

Desmaret stood over him, according to the report. Desmaret reached down, pulls the gun off Jobbers-Millers belt, and fires a shot. It doesn’t say in the report, but we know that shot hit Jobbers-Miller in the head. Desmaret curses and shoots again.

Then, he shoots again and yells, “Come one let’s shoot it out bitch, let’s shoot it out.”

Three more shots fired.

Lieutenant Tarman rushes over to Jobbers-Miller, who has been hit twice. He calls for back-up and Desmaret runs away.

Two gas station attendants were working at the Marathon station where this all started. They said Desmaret ran back into the station, cocked his gun, and grabbed a beer from the cooler.

At this point, Officer Zarillo saw Desmaret go into the gas station. We know Zarillo and Desmaret exchanged shots and that Desmaret was hit. It’s not clear in the report when that happened and it’s not clear where Desmaret was hit.

An ambulance took Desmaret to the same hospital where Jobbers-Miller was for a week.

If you want to read the full police report, you can do so here.

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