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Red Tide: Is It Coming?

The National Weather Service issued beach hazard warnings for red tide and it’s supposed to be in effect through Thursday evening.

The warnings are aimed toward coastal Northern Lee County and coastal Sarasota County.

“Charlotte Harbor, Bokeelia which is on Pine Island, parts of northern Captiva and then Southern Charlotte County and Boca Grande and that area,” Don Berg, a Park Ranger for Lee County, explained.

So should Fort Myers Beach be worried?

“As of right now, there’s nothing really out there yet,” Berg said. “It is north of us I don’t see it happening but you never know. Currents and winds, they play everything.”

If it does make its way down to Fort Myers Beach…

“What you’ll see is a large fish kill and hopefully it doesn’t happen,” he said. “Manatees are affected by it. People are affected. Its kind of like a cough it’s really irritable to the eyes and to your throat. It is very uncomfortable. It does clear the beaches.”

Fort Myers Beach has had red tide on and off for months.