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Red Flag Policy to Remove Firearms From Mentally Ill

A female caller placed a call to the FBI at 1:35p on Friday, January 5, 2018. That was one month and nine days before 17 lives were taken at a Parkland Fl, School.

The caller warned officials about Nikolas Cruz, Citing his disturbing Instagram posts and unusual behavior. She even said she imagined Cruz “getting into a school and just shooting up the place.”

The caller also clearly says, “I do believe something is going to happen.”

By now we know the signs and signals should’ve been obvious to law enforcement after the multiple visits to Cruz’s house by law enforcement, the calls to police and FBI regarding Cruz, and the countless displays of mental instability by him.

Two Broward County Deputies are on restrictive duty pending an internal investigation as to whether the deputies followed protocol on how they handled the 23 calls and 39 visits to Cruz’s house according to Sheriff Scott Israel in a Press Conference last week.

The deputies had no power to take away or prevent the sale of those firearms to Cruz but new legislation may change that. New laws would allow law enforcement to temporarily or permanently remove or prevent the sale of firearms from people who pose a threat to themselves or others.

Rhode Island was the first state to adopt such a policy after the Parkland Shooting and Florida is working on it.

Governor Rick Scott made a statement that his goal was to keep firearms out of the hands of mentally ill people shortly after the shooting took place.

He has since put together an action plan where the legal age to buy a firearm would be raised to 21, bump stocks would be banned and a new program Called the Violent Threat restraining order act would be implemented And he did not call for a ban on assault rifles in his action plan

The act would be a form of a “Red Flag” policy – and effectively keep firearms away from unstable individuals. What do you think of these policies?

Read Governor Rick Scott’s Action Plan here.

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